This is a good term for an article wherein you would like to report on something. Perhaps you attended BrickFest or FIRST and would like to share your experiences. Perhaps you read an article and would like to link to it and share your thoughts on it.

3D Printer

3D printer

The 3 D printer is new class of home appliance.  The self replicating Rapid Protoype machines of the RepRap class may signal a parradigm shift in general robotics.

These machines are intended to be able to reproduce themselves.  For example, a milling machine or lathe can be used to make all the parts for a new (better) milling maching or lathe. 

Just as the first (hand made) lathe was used to produce a better lathe, a RepRap can be use to make an improved reprap.

Sad News

Saturday Morning Terry Surma had passed away.

I don't have a lot of information right now but I will post it as soon as I get it.

He was a great friend, mentor and boss. More people in the world should be like him


Kris "Modelmaker" Southerland


July Meeting Agenda

July Meeting Agenda

I just wanted to put up the agenda for the July meeting so people can plan to be there and know what to expect.

Club Business to include iHobby update, Dues, Treasurer's Report.


!!! Robomagellan Official !!!

!!! Contest Registration is Open !!!

DIY CNC Roundup

Hack-a-Day has a nice little round up of DIY CNC machines for those of you pondering a step-up in robot chassis fabrication techniques.


uC Hobby Parts Giveaways is giving away electronics parts like Arduino boards, graphic LCDs and LED packs in exchange for articles on electronic projects or robotics. 

David is encouraging folks to share knowledge and has a great site with a ton of cool projects (I really like the illuminated pingpong balls).  You could publish an article here and also publish it at and get free stuff!

Check out the site -


iHobby Booth and Fall Chibotica

It seems a long way off, (October 16-19, 2008) but I just received a reminder from iHobby, so it is time to mark your calenders.

Camtasia for free (Discontinued but Replaced!) (Updated 2X)

2nd Update (2/7/09): 

Techsmith has released another free product for desktop recording called Jing. However, it is limited to about five minute max time. So you'll need to break up your segments. That said Jing makes it super simple to get your video up on the web.


UPDATE: TechSmith has discontinued this offer. If you haven't already gotten your freebie yet you are out of luck. Sorry!

New robotics club in southwest Chicago area

I just wanted to announce that Moraine Valley Community College has started a robotics club this fall.  The first competition is slated for December 1st, 2007 and will consist of Lego MiniSumo and a Robot O-Games (like a contest with four mini contests consisting of Robo Push, Robo Bowling, Robo Soeed and Robo Line Following).  See for details.

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