Humanoid Stairs Fall 2009

Contest Date: 
Sat, 10/24/2009

Humanoid Stairs

Contest Rules

Audience: Journeyman Level


Humanoid robots try to lumber their way up a set of stairs and back down again.

Course Construction

The stair will be wooden and painted per this diagram:

Robot Construction

The robot should be generally humanoid in shape and locomotion. That is, two arms and two legs. Due to the difficulty of humanoid style locomation, robots may be Autonomous OR R/C.

Contest Procedure

Each robot will attempt the stairs individually. The stair run will be timed and the number of human assists (a human touches the robot) will be counted. A robot may attempt to run the stairs 3 times. Best score stands.


The score with the lowest number of human assists will win, even if another robot gets further on the stairs before requiring a greater number of assists. (In other words it is better to let a robot fall than touch it.) Note that catching the robot while falling to prevent damage, rather than resume stair climbing, will not be counted as a human-assist provided the stair run is ended at that moment.

For robots with an equal number of human assists the robot that gets further on the stairs will be ranked higher. 

For robots with an equal number of assists who also fully complete the stairs, the robot that has the shorest time to fully complete the stairs will be ranked higher.


This page is a rule set for this general contest: