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Welcome to the Chibots website. Let me give you a quick tour of the place.

Note: Access to some content requires registration. You can register by clicking here.

First, off to the left you see the navigation menu. Here you can check your own posts to this website, check the recent posts of others, and make new posts. Posts come in various "types". Under the Create Content menu you see a list of things you are allowed to create.

  • Robot Profile - Create a profile for your robot. This profile allows you to register for our events.
  • Event Registration - Create a registration for your robot in one of our contests.(more on this later)
  • Event - As a paid member you can create your own events that will show up on the calendar.
  • Event with volunteer slots - As a paid member you can create your own events that will show up on the calendar.
  • Article - As a paid member you can write articles for the site and dispence your wisdom.

To become a paid member you can send the Chibots Vicepresident $20 per a year per a family membership dues via PayPal. Be sure to tell him why you sent him the funds, however! Also, if your user name does not resemble your own name be sure to let him know what account name you registered here so that we may update your website priviledges.

Beneath the Create Contect section is the Recent Post  sections. Here you can check out what other folks have been posting.

The My account section allows you to view and edit your Builder Profile. Tell us all about yourself. It also allows you access to the "personal files" section. As a web-only member you are allowed a small amount of space to upload photos. Once uploaded to the server you can link them into your posts. As a paid member the Personal File pages allows unlimited uploads to directory shared with the other paid members. However, the insert image button in the post editor will also contain an "Upload" tab for paid members that is somewhat easier to use. Obviously, abuse of upload privileges will result in warnings and then banishment.

The Upcoming Events links shows you what's happening in Chibots by date.

The Articles link expand to present you with a list a categories. Click on any category to view all the article you and other members have written for the site for that category. Or double click on the Articles parent menu item to be taken to a list of all articles.

The Robot Gallery shows you what other folks have built or are building.

My Registration is a view of all the robots you have registered for our contests. Click on a specif registration to edit or delete it.

News aggregator: We've signed for for a variety of interesting robot related RSS feeds. See what stories are flowing across other robot websites and maybe check out their site. Under the Categories sub-menu you fill all the different types of feeds we subscribe to.

Below the user navigation section is the Robot News section. This is the five most recent "News" type stories to come off our RSS feeds

Last of the left you may or may not see a "Recent comment to me". When you create a robot profile, article or whatever, other users may comment on your posting. This section will draw your attention to the five most recent posting with comments on them. Click on the link to see the paticular posting you made that has elicited some comments.

Moving on over to the Right Hand Side of the website we see the Contest section and the Club Information section. The contest section contains links to each of the contests our club holds at our bi-annual Chibotica event. (See the Club Information Section). Each contest web page contains some photos and brief summary of our contests.  The Club Information section contains all sorts of information about the Chibots club including this very page you are reading.


Registering a Robot for a Chibotics contest:

There are three principle webpages involved in registering one of your robots for one of our contests:

  • Robot Profile
  • Contest Rule Set
  • Event Registration

In order to register a robot, you must first create a Robot Profile web page for the robot.  Once you have  a Robot Profile, you need to decide upon a specifc contest at a specific time to  compete in.  Once you've decided which contest and time you want to compete in, create an Event Registration web page. Event Registration web pages contain only two fields for you to fill out: the Robot Profile of the robot you wish to register and the Contest Rule Set you want to register for. Both fields are drop down selections so you can simply browse thru the list. Take a look at the example below:

Once you hit submit, you are registered! There will still be the matter of an admission fee or club dues, but that can be handled the day of the contest. 

If you want to review the rulesets themselves visit the contest pages linked on the right. While those pages are just summaries, and not rule sets, they do have all the available ruleset linked within. Also the rule set web pages display all of the robots that have been registered so far. That's good for knowing who you are going up against!