How-To Setup Eclipse and WinAVR, Part 2

How-To Setup Eclipse and WinAVR

Part 2

Well, I'm back. It's time to finish setting up our programming environment. This time around I will be short on words and long on pictures. So let's get this show on the road.

AVR Eclipse Plug-in...

To help with the project management and automatically creating the make file, we are going to add a plug-in to Eclipse. There are two way to install the AVR plug-in. We can add it to Eclipse as part of it's software update. We could also download the file, and unzip it, and manually add it to Eclipse. I'm going to let Eclipse manage the plug-in.

You can go to to view the requirements and documentation.

Notice some of the features listed on the web site.

It also has a few requirements, but we have already taken care of them.

So let's get to the install. If you look on the download page, they explain what you need to to setup the plug-in with Eclipse. I am going to show you.

1. Start up Eclipse. When you get to the welcome screen, click on Help in the menu bar.

2. Click on "Software Updates". You will be taken to the next screen.

3. Next, you'll want to click on the "Available Software" tab at the top. You should then see this screen.

4. Now off to the right click on "Add Site" This is where you setup the web site that has the plug-in.

5. In the "Location" box, after the http://, type in Then click ok.

6. Almost there. We only have to click in the box next to "AVR Eclipse Plugin". You want the one that is listed under "AVR Eclipse Plugin". Don't worry about the boxes next to and under "Uncategorized". It is the same plug-in, but it is safer to check the box I mentioned.

7. Here is the easy part, just click the "Install" button. First you will be asked to review that you want this plug-in installed. Just click the "OK" button. Then you have to accept the license agreement and click "Finish". You'll then get a progress bar showing you how long this will take.

8. Finally, once the update has finished, you'll be asked to restart Eclipse for the changes to take effect. Go ahead and restart. When it is all said and done you should see the new AVR menu item in the menu bar at the top.

Well, that is all for this part. Tune in next time for when we start a new project with our development environment.