Introduction to ChiBall Playing Field

As some of our members live quite a distance from our meetings or are otherwise have difficulty in attending our meetings, I am posting a few photographs of ChiBall playing field as built by Don Kerste. This should also help out the many members of the forum in their understanding of what ChiBall is if they know the game from our web site and forum postings.

There is no bottom to the field as the game may be played on tile, carpet or other surface as is available. The carpeting in the pictures is the floor of the room in the Schaumburg Public Library where our monthly meetings occur. The perimeter of each sector of the field is topped by one of the three colors. All walls are white at the bottom to better allow the balls to be located by the sensors on the robots.

It may be a bit difficult to discern the difference between the red and orange sectors of the field from the pictures. They are sectors are currently blue, red and orange.

Image 1:

 Image 2: The playing field is a regular hexagon, 47" on a side.

 Image 3: Above the field is shown with the jar in the center. There will be some sort of convex dome over the jar for the initial competition so that balls will not stay on top of it. The blue balls are correctly in their initial position for the start of a match.

Image 4: Above is the detail of the section divider as it attaches to the perimeter wall. The ouside walls are 5 inches high and the divider walls between sectors are 3.75 inches high.

Image 5: The slotted bottom, plastic jar in place over the center of the field. In later, more advanced versions of ChiBall, there will be a bonus for dropping balls into the jar. There will likely be an IR beacon of some sort above the center jar/goal to help bots with navigation/orientation when these games develop.

Image 6: The jar at center field with the lid in place. Remember that the lid will have a convex top piece attached to it for the initial version of the game so that balls will not stay on top of it..

The balls are hard foam practice golf balls and are about 41.3mm (1-5/8").in diameter. They have a smooth, soft and slightly textured surface which is not friendly to being picked up with a static suction cup. The balls which we have come across so far come in buckets of mixed red, blue, orange and yellow.

Sets of rules for games of various difficulties will be posted by the Contest Comittee as they are finalized.