Robot Builder's Day Out

The RBDO (Robot Builder's Day Out) is an informal get-together of robot enthusiasts. It is a real hands-on day of fun. There is actual building, programming and testing of robots, plus a lot of talking. It is a good chance to ask questions of other builders and to learn new skills. There is no agenda, or anything really planned for that matter. If you have a special request for tools, or knowledge, ask ahead of time on the mailing list to see if someone can provide what you need.

Typically we hold an RBDO in Milwaukee the Saterday after the monthly meeting if there is enough interest.  Of course anyone can host an RBDO anywhere at anytime! Just let folks know and see if they are interested in coming!

The Milwaukee RBDO is held at:
7760 S. 6th St.
Oak Creek, WI 53154

Get directions to the Milwaukee RBDO from your location with Google Maps.