Fanciful Line Following Spring 2008

Contest Date: 
Sat, 05/03/2008

Fanciful Line Following
Contest Rules

Audience: Journeyman Level


Fanciful Line Following is similar in nature to the Racing Line Following, however, unlike that event some decision making is required for successful completion. 

Course Construction

The track layout is as shown in the diagram.  This event is held on the extended, elevated game platform like the Racing Line Following event, lines placed directly on the MDF surface which is painted flat black.  FLF uses four turns, four straight-aways, one crossing and one “Y”.  FLF consists of three laps with laps 1 and 3 using Curves 1, 2 and 3 and lap 2 using Curves 1, 4 and 5.  Laps 1 and 3 each have a total length of 336.8” (roughly 8.55 m) while lap 2 has a total length of 356.15” (roughly 9.04 m). 

Robot Construction

This contest follows the Chibots general robot guidelines for line following.

Contest Procedure

The robot will be placed in the starting area between Curve 3 and the Start/Finish Line.  Once turned on, it must not move until the judge indicates that “all is ready”.  At that point the builder may start the robot directly or remotely.  The robot’s lap time will not start until it first crosses the start/finish line and will end once the robot crosses at start/finish line after three complete laps.  After completing the third lap, the robot is to stop in as short a distance as possible.


The total elapsed time for three laps is the only criteria for scoring.  Shortest time wins; in the event of a tie the highest Speed Trap speed will determine the winner.  If Speed Trap speed is not available, the second fastest run will be used to determine ranking.

If the robot leaves the line and reacquires it without being touched, no penalty will be assessed providing that, in the judge’s opinion, no ‘shortcut’ was taken.  A short cut would be considered taken if, for example, the robot moves inside a curve (i.e. the robots body is not touching the line) in an attempt to shorten the total distance to be traveled.

If a robot leaves the line and is unable to reacquire the line or cannot complete a lap, it will be disqualified for that attempt and no time recorded.

This page is a rule set for this general contest: