Team Conehead Robomagellan

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Robot is designed for these contests: 

Team Conehead is KJohn, Eddy Wright and Ken Hirsch. We are building a Robomagellan bot using a large scale toy tank purchased from Walmart (after Christmas sale!).  The frame is about 3' long, 16" wide and 4" deep with plenty of room inside for a mini-ITX computer, battery and controller boards. 

The frame has three compartments:

  • Rear compart houses the motor and motor controller
  • Middle compartment will house the mini-ITX PC
  • Front compartment will  hold the battery or batteries








The tracks are hard plastic with smooth tread to allow for turning.  The numerous edges should allow for plenty of traction in grass and rough terrain.  Testing will determine if we need to increase traction.








The rear compartment holds the motors and the motor controller.  A fan is mounted over a Pololu high current dual motor controller. The MCU controllers and 12v distribution will be housed in the rear compartment as well.