Cybernetic Augmentation with Fabric PCBs

So, today on Hack-A-Day and Sparkfun I saw a couple of related new postings. The fabric PCBs caught my eye and then I noticed that the Sparkfun LilyPad circuits were co-developed with the same person, Leah Buechley, that posted about the fabric PCBs. She also has her own store that sells electronic sewing kits with conductive thread and things like LED sequins.

You run the thread through those loops and on to the next part of the circuit such as a SparkFun LilyPad. Kinda cool!

The coolest thing for me was the notion of applying and adhesive to and then laser cutting a conductive fabric called Zelt. (Its a little ways down the page.) This allows you to make LilyPads or whatever that are soft save for the circuit device itself:

I think that's a really neat technique and brings to mind all sorts cyberbetic applications that actually have a prayer of being practical as well as not making the wearer look like an actual cyborg.

Hat's off Leah! Good stuff!