The October 2016 Meeting

The Chicago Area Robotics Group met at the Schaumburg Public Library on Sunday Oct. 9 from 1 to 4 PM.

There were some topics of interest. The one that was on every one’s mind is the Library Maker Day on Oct. 15 at the Schaumburg Public Library. Mark will be visiting the library beforehand to get an idea of where we will be located. Everyone is welcomed! This promises to be an exciting event.

Another topic of discussion was the annual RoboMagellan Competition. ChiBots usually has this competition sometime around this time of year. This time around; however, no arrangements had been made. Mark asked about the competition and whether there were people that had RM robots ready to go. The discussion turned to discussing the last RM Competition held. There was no definite conclusion regarding this event. It seems as though none of the members present had an RM robot ready to go. This topic will most likely come up again next month.

Jake gave us a quick update on his R2-D2 build. Looks like he is coming along, albeit rather slowly. One obstacle that’s come up is the cutting of some metal pieces. Jake mentioned that a company called Big Blue Saw ( had been recommended and he seemed convinced that this could provide him with the solution, but the cost of the work that he required was approximately $600 USD. This was too steep for him, requiring him to take out a second mortgage. This would have been difficult as he does not have a first mortgage and is more concentrated on finishing school than in homeownership.

Terry brought up another point of discussion. He is diligently working on his Marble Maze. This is a small wooden maze that he mounted on a base using two points of swivel. He is working on a wireless handheld controller that will tilt the maze simultaneously as he tilts the controller. He was having problems with the accelerometer and asked whether anyone could help him. He added that he had just finished building the maze; therefore, he was going to go back and trouble shoot the problem, hoping to identify the problem.

Chris gave an update of his large Dalek build. He is the proud designer, builder and owner of Nigel, the purple Dalek ( It seems that his charming daughter and expert robot operator has grown too big and lo longer fits inside Nigel, who is 3/4 scale of a full size Dalek. Of course Chris has a solution to that problem: Build a bigger Dalek!

Chris brought with him a sample Nigel tee shirt that he bought from Public Tee ( after he uploaded the image. Chris asked whether the group was interested in doing something similar with the ChiBots logo and buying a number of tee shirts as a group. This seemed to interest various members and will be discussed further. This discussion morphed into a related discussion regarding the group’s logo.

It seems that there are members that would like to see a different logo. Al’s daughter, a professional graphic designer mentioned that she had started to work on getting the logo on some shirt sometime around 2012; however, the administration at that time did not like the logo enough to have the shirts made.

The group came up with the idea of having a logo competition. The winner would get a free tee short! No details were given, but it seemed that this project garnered enough interest that it will be brought up again in the near future.

Some events were brought up, including the already mentioned Library Maker Day and RoboMagellan competition. I also made mention of the Robotics Workshop that will be held at Triton College on Saturday Oct. 29 (

With the above topics having been discussed our esteemed President moved that the meeting be adjourned. Net meeting is on Nov. 13, 2016, same place and same time.