Fall Chibotica 2012

10/14/2012 11:00
10/14/2012 17:00
Oct. 8 update: Schedule of events added at bottom of this post.

It’s almost here! C&A Robot Factory and Chibots present Fall Chibotica 2012. Fall Chibotica is a robotics showcase and games where robots compete against each other in different events.

New this year! Robot Drag Racing! Two robots race against each other in a small scale version of NHRA drag racing. Each robot must run the length of a racing strip following a line. Other traditional competitions will also be held, such as Mini and LEGO Sumo, Line Following and the crowd pleaser, Line Maze. Join us, bring your robot, talk to other roboticists, share and learn, but above all have a great time!
Get a group together, compete as a team!
Have a robot building event
Everyone with a robot can participate
Our goal is for Chibotica to be more than just competitions. Our goal is to bring together people who have a passion for learning and sharing and have a good time while doing so. Bring your robots and works in progress and discuss with others what you have done and are presently doing. If you are interested in robotics, in getting started in a hobby that brings electronics, computers, programming and mechanics together under one roof then this is the ideal event.

These are the scheduled competitions:

  • Mini Sumo: The robot can measure at most 10 cm X 10 cm and weigh at most 500g
  • LEGO Sumo: Robot must be made entirely of LEGO components and can measure at most 10 x 10 inches and weigh at most 2.2 pounds
  • Basic and racing line following: Robots need to follow a white line on a black surface as quickly as they can.
  • Line Maze: The robot must be able to solve a simple non looping maze and then be able to retrace its steps on a subsequent run.
  • Robot Drag Racing: Robot must have a manual start switch which may be controlled onboard or remotely then be able to get to the finish line as quickly as possible and finally be able to stop within the stopping area of the track.

Fall Chibotica 2012

  C&A Robot Factory
  326 Peterson Road
  Libertyville, IL 60048
  Phone: 847-996-0123

  Sunday October 14, 2012

 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Entry fee:
  $10 USD for non-members

Your first stop, before you read any of the game rules, is the page that describes the Contest Guidelines. This page contains essential information that applies to all contests.

To register you must have a login to our site. If you do not have a login, please contact any of Chibots' officers.

Note: The entry fee is per participant. A participant is an individual person or a group that is entering a robot in a competition. The fee entitles the participant to enter any of the games that are scheduled.

This event is free to attend for spectators and anyone who wishes to present, demo or display their robots.

Need a flyer to post? No problem, download the PDF found at the end of this blog.

We hope to see you there!
Proposed schedule of events:
11:00 AM
Robot Drag Race
12:00 PM Basic line following
1:00 PM LEGO Sumo
2:00 PM Line Maze
3:00 PM Mini Sumo
4:00 PM Racing Line Following

PDF flyer follows

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