Google and X-Prize holding $30M Moon Rover Contest  

This looks like it will crank out some really interesting stuff.  I wonder if some of the rocket people will primarily enter the contest and have sub contests to get the best rover? (Besides Space Exploration Technologies, who seem to be merely providing launch services). I'd imagine that universites will enter themselves primarily as they can afford the launch. Teams that know how to get lots of sponsorship also. (Boy, I wish I knew how!)

Regardless, I am going to pay attention to this over the coming weeks to see if there is a private effort I could join.

I figure one of the hardest parts about building this robot will be the cold. Batteries and cold are not friends. I wonder about solar plus some of those exotic super caps? In general I think the cold will prevent us from using a bunch of COTS stuff. What do you all think the hardest part will be?