Scout Robotics Merit Badge Workshop

01/08/2012 14:00
01/08/2012 15:00

In April of 2011 the Boy Scouts of America announced the availability of the Robotics Merit Badge for Scouts interested in Robotics This merit badge requires that the Scout become familiar with various aspects within the robotics field, such as electronics, mechanics, data acquisition (sensors) and software programming, among others.

Chibots is now working on a short 1 hour workshop to help any interested Scouts in fulfilling some of the requirements defined by this merit badge. When the Scout takes this workshop he will walk away knowing the following:

  • How to keep an engineering notebook
  • What sensors are and how they fit within the robot’s architecture
  • How a simple line following sensor works
  • How to take measurements
  • How to interpret the measurements
  • How to make decisions based on the analysis of the measurements

 Our goal is to provide Robotics Merit Badge counselors with the training necessary to present this workshop at their location. This implies the development of two events. The first is the workshop for the Scout and the second is the seminar for the Counselors. The seminar will provide all the information necessary so that the Counselor can impart the workshop.

A pilot workshop will be given during the Chibots’ meeting on January 8, 2012 at the Schaumburg Public Library. To cover the cost of material we are asking for $20 (USD) per participant. The capacity for this workshop is 10 Scouts (subject to change). The Scout will be given to take home with himthe following items:

  • A fully functional, but partially assembled line following module
  • Envelope with all remaining parts needed to complete the line following kit
  • An engineering notebook
  • Documentation with lots of related information

Soldering is required to complete the assembly, but will not be required during the workshop. The Scout will need to be accompanied by the Counselor so that the Counselor can sign off on the merit badge requirements that thave been satisfied. If you know a Scout that is interested in obtaining the Robotics Merit Badge this is definitely a big boost.

As a side note, soldering is very much an integral part of robot building. We recommend that if the Scout likes robotics and wishes to pursue it further then he should work towards earning the Electronics Merit Badge. Soldering is a significant part of this merit badge, along with other skills that will come in very handy when exploring the field of robotics.

Counselors are needed! If you are interested in being a counselor for this merit badge and would like to have the expertise necessary to present this workshop, please contact us so that we can make note of your interest and keep you informed when the seminar will be available.

Information is subject to change, check this page often!