Agenda Meeting Sunday August 14, 2011

08/14/2011 13:00
08/14/2011 16:00

Please note: The meeting on August 14 will be at Pumping Station: One, NOT at the Schaumburg Public Library. Please make note of this.

We will be streaming the meeting live via UStream. Will this work? Will the experiment be successful? We don't know! Tune in and find out!

1:00 PM Call to order – Club business

  • Club dues for 2011 – Join Chibots today! Membership dues are $20 USD for family for one full year. Benefits include having a voice to what goes on in the club, waived entry fees for any Chibots organized competitions, discount from some of our sponsors and eligibility for door prizes at our meetings, whenever available.
  • Sign up sheet – everyone attending please sign up so that we know who came. This is regardless of whether you are a member or not.
  • Treasurer’s report
  • Define date for next SRS RoboMagellan event: Proposed Aug. 4, 2012


  • August 6: SRS RoboMagellan 2011, recap
  • September 17: Proposal for an RBDO ??
  • September 24: Science Expo at the Des Plaines Public Library
  • October 20 – 23: iHobby Expo at Rosemont, IL

1:45 PM Presentation

Detailed presentation of the Boy Scouts’ Robotics Workshop, by Don K.

Earlier this year the Boy Scout of America (BSA) announced their Robotics Merit Badge. To earn this badge the Scout needs to understand certain aspects of robotics and have hands on experience designing or building a robot or robot subsystem. Don, with some help from Mike Z, Doug W and I, has been putting together a short workshop for the Scouts that will help them fulfill some of the requirements set forth by the BSA.

In this presentation Don will describe in detail the workshop, the components that will be used and the hands-on activities that the Scouts will do. Special attention will be given to the Wright Hobbies Line Follower Module that will be the core element of the workshop. If this workshop is designed appropriately we hope to offer it to the local Boy Scout Troops and possibly at a national level. More details forthcoming during the presentation. I can say this: It promises to be an interesting and rewarding project.

Don’t miss this interesting and informative event!

3:10 PM Door Prize

You need to be present and a paid Chibots member to be eligible for door prizes.

3:15 PM Show, Tell and Ask

Do you have a robotic creation that you are working on? Come and share it with us! In this segment people get a chance to share with others what they are doing, what they already have and to ask questions. If you have a question or problem related to robotics, this segment allows you to ask other participants.
You do not have to be a Chibots member to show, tell or ask.