Minds-I RoboMagellan Sponsorship opportunity

One time opportunity! Read on!

Chibots has been hosting the SRS RoboMagellan Midwest competition since 2008. One hurdle that some people have is not knowing how to get started or not having the sufficient funds to finance this project that will easily top $500 USD.

If you have had the interest in participating in a future SRS RoboMagellan  but these hurdles have been an obstacle then this could be great news for you! Mike Marzetta at MINDS-I has an offer that you just can’t refuse. Just as Chibots wants more participation in this challenging project, Mike also wants more people to get involved in this fantastic field which is robotics.

To help achieve this goal Mike will be sponsoring one team for the 2012 SRS RoboMagellan which Chibots will be hosting in 2012. What does this mean?

Specifically, MINDS-I will provide one lucky applicant with the following items, free of charge:

This is over $600 USD worth of parts!

Are you ready to be MINDS-I RoboMagellan Team? If so, stay tuned to this spot for more details. We are still ironing out the details, including how the applications from interested parties will be received, processed and the terms and conditions of the sponsorship.

Our SRS RoboMagellan 2011 competition is on Aug. 6, just a few days away. Come and see what this is about. Meet the builders, ask questions. If you are interested in the MINDS-I sponsorship opportunity your first step is to come and see what the competition really looks like, what hurdles need to be jumped and what real life challenges the robots face.

Both MINDS-I and Chibots want more people to get involved in robotics and specifically with the SRS RoboMagellan Competition. This is your chance! We hope to see you at our SRS RoboMagellan competition in 2012.

Check out the attached PDF file. This contains the official announcement that was publicly posted. Are you interested? If so, download the "MINDS-i_Sponsorship_Application_Form" Word file, fill it out and email it as instructed in the document. Good luck and we all look forward to seeing you next year!

Danger! Danger! RoboMagellan enthusiasts!!! The sponsorship application must be submitted by November 30, 2011. Don't miss out on this terrific opportunity!

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