Chibots at Your Event

Thank you for your interest in having the Chicago Area Robotics Group – Chibots – at your event.

To maximize the success of any event that we are invited to we follow these steps:

  1. Acquire all information possible about the event. This includes formal event name, location date and time. Any additional information such as informational Web pages, images, fliers or pamphlets are welcomed and come in handy when promoting the event.
  2. Chibots promotes the event by posting information about it on our Yahoo! List and announcing it at our meetings. Optionally, depending on Chibots’ availability, the event may also be promoted by placing a blog entry at our Website and promoting the event through other venues, such as social networks.
  3. Optionally, a representative of the organization sponsoring the event is invited to our meetings to personally promote the event. A few minutes will be given to the representative to announce the event and invite the meeting’s attendees.

If you are interested in our participation at your event please contact our Vice President. He will work with you and manage the necessary resources to promote and organize the event. All contact information can be found in our Website’s Contacts page located under the heading Club Information on the panel located on the right side of the page. Or alternately you can click on the link embedded in this paragraph.

Some items to keep in mind:

  1. Since Chibots is a community oriented group of robot enthusiasts who wish to share their knowledge and experience to give everyone the opportunity to get involved with robotics, we do not have the financial resources to pay any fees that might be associated with the event. If this is something that we can’t negotiate then most likely we will have to refuse your kind invitation.
  2. Since we are a community oriented group we do not charge to attend the event nor for the promotion.
  3. To participate in an event all that Chibots requires is a table (one or more), chairs and access to AC power, especially if the event lasts more than 2 hours.
  4. While some members have the ability to respond from one day to the next, many need time to plan and organize. For this Chibots requests that ideally, we be notified at least 4 weeks before the event. While participation may be possible with a shorter notice, we will not have sufficient time to properly promote the event as indicated in the previous section. This usually results in less participation.
  5. No Chibots member, nor any of the people participating in the event at our space or booth, will attempt to sell any products. At most we will promote our club and invite people to come to our meetings. We may put up small signs thanking and mentioning our sponsors and also making useful information about them available to the attendees of the event.
  6. As much as we would like to participate in the events to which we are invited, our group is comprised of people that either work or are in school. For this reason availability due to time or distance from the event may vary member to member and participation can not be guaranteed.

This is the usual procedure that we follow; however, we always work with each individual school/organization to make any necessary adjustments or changes. We are open to additional ideas and if they are within our possibilities we will work with you to make them happen.

 We are vested in creating an interest in people of all ages in the diverse engineering fields that embody the field of robotics. We look forward to helping you have a great event.