Chibotica June 2011

06/12/2011 13:30
06/12/2011 15:15

Do robots fascinate you? Do you enjoy a fun competitive event? Do you or your group want to learn more about robots? If so, now is the perfect opportunity to get involved! ChiBots will be hosting the Chibotica June 2011 games at their monthly meeting. The games will be different variations of Mini Sumo, Line Following and Maze Solving. This event is meant to bring people of all ages and skill levels together to participate in fun and challenging games.


  • Get a group together and participate as a team!
  • Have a robot building workshop
  • Build a simple or complex robot according to your skill level
  • Have fun doing something new and educational


Basic robot categories:

  • Mini Sumo: The robot can measure at most 10 cm X 10 cm and weigh at most 500g
  • LEGO: Robot must be made entirely of LEGO components using the LEGO brick controller
  • Analog: The robot can use any kind of electronics that does not involve a processor.
  • Processor: The robot must include an on-board processor and programming.

Your first stop, before you read any of the game rules is the page that describes the Contest Guidelines. This page contains essential information that applies to all contests

Please note: For this event we are using a white gaming surface with black lines, not the gaming surface colors as described in the descriptions. Take this into account when designing/preparing your robot. Thank you!

Chibotica June 2011

Schaumburg Public Library
130 South Roselle Road
Schaumburg, IL 60193
(847) 985-4000

June 12, 2011

 1:30 – 3:15 PM

Read first: General contest guidelines

Mini Sumo 500g

Mini Sumo LEGO

 Basic Line Following (LEGO and non LEGO)

Advanced Line Following (LEGO and non LEGO)

Line Maze

To register you must have a login to our site. If not, please contact Chibots dot president at Chibots dot org to request one.

Schaumburg Public Library:

Getting started in robotics:

PDF flier for Chibotica June 2011 below

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