Agenda Meeting Sunday February 13, 2011

02/13/2011 13:00
02/13/2011 16:00

1:00 PM Call to order – Club business

  • Club dues for 2011 – Join Chibots today! Membership dues are $20 USD for family for one full year. Benefits include having a voice to what goes on in the club, waived entry fees for any Chibots organized competitions and eligibility for door prizes at our meetings, whenever available.
  • Call for a Chibots VP! Last minute update: It is the objective of this meeting to elect a new VP. If you would like to be a candidate, please come to the meeting and let us know. We will be voting and hope to give a hearty welcome to our new VP by the end of this segment.


  • IIT Engineer’s Week at Wheaton Rice – Chibots has three tables! Thanks Terry! Cordial invitation to all to come and display robots at this event. Feb. 26, 2011. Info posted at Chibots dot org updated! Now includes PDF file of event program. Link:

  • Central Illinois Bot Brawl 2011, by the Central Illinois Robotics Club (CIRC). April 2, 2011 at the Lakeview Museum, Peoria IL. They will be having various types of competitions such as Sumo, line following, RC combat and more. More info at the following Website:

1:45 PM Presentation

Un-interrupted Multi-Core Programming at the Speed of Thought
Use and Programming of the Parallax Propeller Processor
in the 12Blocks Environment, by Steve Woodrough

Do embedded systems interest you? Are you looking at different options of processors to use in your next robot? Are you curious about the Propeller chip by Parallax? Are you looking into different software development options to program the Propeller? If so then this presentation is right up your alley! Don’t miss this educational and knowledgeable look into this flexible processor from Parallax and the 12Blocks software development platform!

The presentation is intended to demonstrate the Propeller processor’s power and versatility; and the accessibility provided by the 12Blocks GUI developed by Hanno Sander. The information provided will be useful to beginners and veteran alike and includes:

  1. Basic introduction to the technology and software platform
  2. Information to get started
  3. Demos related and directly applicable to robotics
  4. A special guest appearance by Hanno Sander through Skype, direct from New Zealand.  (technology permitting)

Steve recommends watching these two videos before the presentation:

2010 Google Tech Talks

2009 Google Tech Talks

Never heard of 12Blocks? See the videos above and the Website:

Hanno Sander’s Website:

Feb. 10, 2011 Update! Hanno just sent me this email. He authored more information about 12Blocks. Enjoy!

Hi Salvador,
I've put together a "cheat sheet" for 12Blocks- I hope it'll nicely
accompany Steve's talk:

For those who want to dive deeper I have a 34 page guide that starts
with toggling led's and goes up to pid loops, skype integration,
xml-rpc, and recursion:


2:45 PM Door Prize

1 Propeller demo board by Parallax
1 Propeller proto typing board by Steve W.

Hanno Sander, the creator of 12Blocks, has agreed to provide 1 license for his 12Blocks program for each of the above prizes.

Only paid Chibots members that are present are eligible for door prizes.

3:00 PM Show, Tell and Ask

Update, Feb. 10, 2011: Don K pointed out that I made no mention of Heddatron! Did it disappear? Did a black hole pull it in? Nooo... that was just me. I forgot to make some mention of it. Since we have had success with presenting Heddatron news in this segment I did not include it above in the club business section.

This past Monday Eddy sent out an email informing all that the Heddatron robots were officially finished. I am sure that the robot engineers have news for us. My apologies for not including this mention in this space earlier.

Do you have a robotic creation that you are working on? Come and share it with us! In this segment people get a chance to share with others what they are doing, what they already have and to ask questions. If you have a question or problem related to robotics, this segment allows you to ask other participants.

You do not have to be a Chibots member to show, tell or ask.

4:00 PM Adjournment

Meeting information:

Date: Feb. 13, 2011
Location: Schaumburg Public Library -
Time: 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM

More information here: