Using a BASIC like language to add Computer Vision, Speech Recognition, and network connectivity to your next robot

 The RobotVisionToolkit is a free tool that allows you to easily experiment with Computer Vision, Speech Recognition, TCP/IP networking, Joystick support and other advanced features in your next robot.

The RobotVisionToolkit uses a language called RobotSee to tie all these advanced features together.  RobotSee is a basic like language specifically designed for people currently using the Basic Stamp, or other BASIC like languages.

The RobotVisionToolkit includes a text editor, and graphic debugger.  It works with almost any web camera. 

You can download the Reference Manual here:

You can download the RobotVisionToolkit here:

You can find some videos of robots using the robotVisionToolkit here:

Presentation covering the RobotVisionToolkit:







Eric Gregori