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Parallax Boe Bot with Ping module and Board of education wireless breadboard.

Brad Welch

Internet Bank Security
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Bloomington Illinois
Just starting out in robotics, enjoy working with electronics and AI

Rick Brooks

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Fort Wayne, Indiana
I’ve been playing with hobby robots for about seven years. Most of the robots have been intended for sumo competitions at a wide variety of venues. For me, robotics consists of a combination of mechanics, electronics, and programming activities. I enjoy all three. So, if I feel like turning a chunk of aluminum in shavings, I can do that. If I feel like soldering a couple of transistors together, I can do that. If I feel like writing a subroutine to change behavior, I can do that.

Skating Robot

I picked this link up off of our news aggregator: Skating Robot. It is a pretty neat discussion of and some videos for a legged robot that can both walk and skate. Wheels at the tips of the legs can flip down and become feet. However, while in the rolling position there are no motors attached to the wheel. They 'free wheel'. The robot uses these like you would use skates.

Ian Braun


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Thud is a Parallax mini-sumo kit and my first foray into Mini Sumo.


Robot is designed for these contests: 

Zippy is a basic Table top bot from the Wright Hobbies kit.

This bot has yet to actually move, hence the name "Zippy"

Ernesto Leyva

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Mexicali, Mexico
I like electronics and robotics very much. I currently work in industrial controls.

What new from Design News

National Instruments Rolls Out Software Toolkit for Legos NXT


Lawn mowing season is almost over for the year (wishful thinking) but Kyodo America's LawnBott is here:

I still like the Spider better:  but they are different beasts.


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