Andrew Mueller

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Zigbee Walker

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This is a zigbee based walker.  I also have a USB version of this robot.

I use this robot along with a custom Windows application that I wrote to experiment with different walking gates.  I have also started experimenting with using an accelerameter for closed loop balance.


WinCE Computer Vision

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This is a WinCE based computer vision robot.  It tracks objects based on color.  The latest version can also track based on vertical lines ( used to find doorways ).

The processor is a ARM9 based iMX21.

To see the full video,  goto youtube and search for - seeprogrammer  - my username.

nabeel rasheed


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Fire is a mini-sumo belonging to my 9 year old daughter Nicole. it's her very first robot

Eric Gregori

Firmware Specialist - FreeScale Semiconductor
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I am a Firmware Specialist for FreeScale Semiconductor.
My specialities are: Zigbee, TCPIP, USB, WinCE, and Linux.
I enjoy working with computer vision.

WinCE based ARM computer vision object tracker
WindowXP based computer vision RoboMegellan
USB based muti servo controller - Walker ( Robo-one )

Rolling Thunder

All custom design.

Processor: PIC32

Line Sensors: 16 (Resulting in 33 measurable increments across a 6" span)

Communication: XBee (For configuration and remote start/stop. Also sends telemetry back to base station.)

Drive train:  600 rpm motor with 2.5" diameter urethane wheels

Wheel Encoders: Provide 128 ticks/revolution

Control System: PID on wheel velocities and distance, second PID on line position.

Tim Durham

Cybernetic Augmentation with Fabric PCBs

So, today on Hack-A-Day and Sparkfun I saw a couple of related new postings. The fabric PCBs caught my eye and then I noticed that the Sparkfun LilyPad circuits were co-developed with the same person, Leah Buechley, that posted about the fabric PCBs.

Large Combat Cage Setup

10/19/2007 11:30
10/19/2007 17:30

We need four able bodied volunteers to help set up the large combat cage.

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