White Hen

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A four-wheeled nxt rover-type robot

Mark Stukel

ExSpurt Mule

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See brooksbots.com/ExSpurt.htm for details.

ExSpurt Mule is the "mail in" version of ExSpurt.  It selects it's own strategy option for each match.

Big Rig

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Don't expect this modified LEGO kit to be good at anything...

Actually, it turns out Big Rig is pretty good at driving around the Line Racing track.  Just not very fast.  In any case, it was fun to watch, and was voted the Best Of Show at the fall Chibotica 2007.


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Stick is an all-LEGO robot designed to play Connect Four

Flash Lite

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Miniaturized version of my undefeated in 3 years of competition open class LEGO Sumo Robot "Flash"


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Sumo Robot based on NXT

Bryan Bonahoom

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Indianapolis, IN

Not much to say. I love my LEGO Mindstorms.

First Attempt ver 3.0

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First Attempt ver 3.0 started as a basic Parallax Sumobot. I modified it to take 6 NiMH battries and silicone tires. Because of the added traction, I added a wheelie bar so First Attempt 3.0 would not lift it's front plow. From there I added a 13 gauge steel plow to help bring the weight near the 500 gm limit. Next I added side looking IR to help detect opponents faster. The code is modified from the Parallax book "Applied Robotics with the SumoBot". This code is more advanced than the basic SumoBot code.


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Lego NXT robot with advanced PID control, extra line sensors and big wheels. Oh, and it hasn't been built yet! It should be ready...just in time.

After thinking about this, I seem to remember someone else using this name. If you've used this name in the past and plan on re-entering that robot, let me know and I'll come up with another name.


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