SRS Robo-Magellan 2012 Competition

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Aug. 1 2012 update: From our esteemed VP: "A gentle reminder:  $10.00 entry fee for non-members. $20.00 will buy you or your team a club membership, which means
competition entry fees for the year are waived. We were late soliciting 2012 memberships until we resolved our banking issues.  Now we can say:  Make checks out to ChiBots.

A note from me: Cash and first born robots are also accepted. Fee payable at sign in.

July 30 2012 update: Note to competitors: Practice runs begin at 10 AM. Come early. Official games begin between 12 noon and 1 PM.

July 8 2012 update: Note to the competition entries. The information below is geared more towards the general public. While the competition officially begins at 1 PM, setup, practice runs and debugging sessions are available to all registered entries from earlier on. Come early to test your entry on the actual course, do last minute tweaking as necessary or just hang out. Please let the organizers know if you plan to arrive early.

As summer comes into full swing it is time once again to pit robot against robot in one of the most grueling and challenging events. ChiBots presents the Seattle Robotics Society Robo-Magellan Midwest competition 2012, hosted by Moraine Valley Community College.

In this competition the contestant must locate a defined number of orange cones in the least amount of time. The robot can use diverse sensors and GPS technology to locate each cone. The run finishes when the last cone is located and “touched” by the robot. As this is an outdoor event, the robot is faced with challenging obstacles, such as blades of grass, unaware bystanders, bushes, hills and uneven terrain.

Come and see the creativity and ingenuity of the builders as they apply every ounce of their knowledge and sanity in building their robot to be up to the challenge of this competition. Don’t miss the opportunity to marvel at the diverse behaviors exhibited by the robots, such as avoidance of obstacles, cone location and an occasional attempt at tree climbing!

Come and meet the people behind these marvels of engineering. We will be happy to see you and answer any questions. If robotics interests you, this is your chance to talk to knowledgeable people. Get expert tips on how to get started in this field. Don’t miss this fun even!

New for 2012: Eric Gregori, recipient of the Minds-i sponsorship, will be showcasing his RoboMagellan Robot built using the components that Minds-i graciously sponsored.

Sign up for this event is now open! The following link will take you to the registration/contest rules page:

Dress code: It is highly advised to avoid wearing orange clothing, unless you want to be chased by a robot that thinks you are a cone.

Moraine Valley Community College
9000 W. College Pkwy.
Palos Hills, IL 60465-2478
(708) 974-4300
August 4th, 2012: 1 - 4:00 PM, center quad

Chicago Area Robotics Group

SRS RoboMagellan

Event and parking are free and open to the public. Competition entry fee $10, free for paid ChiBots members. Come early! Contestants will start arriving a few hours before the competition starts to set up and test/debug their robots. This is a great opportunity to get some behind the scenes look!

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 Spread the word! Feel free to download and distribute the attached PDF flyer promoting this event.

Note: Flyer coming soon!

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